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 related to the normative and technical documentation, codes and standards, law and orders, resolutions of Russian Federation and CIS in English.

PUE, KMK, SHNK, O’z DSt, TSt, STH, GOST, GOST R, GN, MI, MU, NPB, NP, OND, ONTP, OST, PB, PNAE, IPA, POT, PPB, PR, RD, RDS, RMU, RTM, SanPin, SN, SO, SP, STO, TI, TOI, TU, VNTP, VPPB, VRD, VSN already translated into English.


 is your source for Russian industry codes and standards both in Russian language and translated into English. We suggest the most comprehensive database of Russian Regulatory and Legislative Documents, Standards, Regulations, Norms, Codes in English. Our own qualified staff of technical translators can offer high quality translations of standards, codes and regulations. We guarantee that the standards and translations from our site include all changes which are adopted at the moment.

Our collection includes GOST and GOST R standards (national standards of the Russian Federation) as well as Russian and CIS countries standards and technical regulations for all major industries, including Building Codes (SNiP, SN, GESN, KMK, SHNK), Industry Codes and Safety Rules (RD, PB, TSt), Sanitation Regulations (SanPiN, GN, SP), Fire Codes (NPB, PPB), norms, instructions, procedures, cost estimate standards, Russian federal and regional legislations and many others.

Please request the types you need and our consultants will help you to find the documents.

One of our main advantages is that we offer our customers not only accurate translations of normative documents but check and update the texts with all necessary amendments, supplements and revisions thus providing the up-to-date versions.



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